While growth at such as a scale breeds opportunity, it also demands a purposeful plan for the future—a plan that emerges from a visioning process but yields an accountable strategy grounded in foreseeable economic realities.

The Partnership for Tomorrow (PFT), a community initiative for the future of Greer, commissioned the Greer Community Master Plan as the next step toward fulfilling their mission of providing the City of Greer and surrounding areas with the resources necessary to address a variety of issues that will benefit our community and make Greer a better place to live, work, and invest.

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The Greer Community Master Plan exists to create a community-wide vision, improve the wellbeing of the city, and make Greer an even more livable community of choice. Come celebrate the plan you helped create. The Partnership for Tomorrow and City of Greer are hosting a community celebration Thursday, May 28th from 5:30pm to 8:00pm at the Cannon Centre. The evening will include remarks by local officials, a video commemorating the plan, and a lively reception.


The project philosophy focuses on the achievement of desired outcomes and prioritization of action items in a way that aligns with community values. The process is aspirational (what does Greer want to be?) without losing sight of the necessary actions that accompany decisions (what steps will be required for Greer to be successful?) or the need for accountability (how will we measure and what should we anticipate as a result of Greer’s success?).


The Greer Community Master Plan begins with several overarching goals: • Create a community-wide vision to guide growth and development. • Improve the stability, physical condition, and economic wellbeing of the City. • Make Greer a more livable and sustainable community of choice between now and 2030. It’s important for the community to be committed to the planning process and willing to help shape the outcomes. It’s also important that the community-wide vision is succinct, measurable, and achievable. An early task of the Project Oversight Committee will be to establish a vision statement that will guide the plan. Please check back later for more information.

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The Partnership for Tomorrow was formed in 1998 by a concerned group of business, civic, government and community leaders to address the issues and concerns related to the growth of the Greater Greer community and the opportunities it would bring to the area.

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The planning philosophy for the Greer Community Master Plan is based on the belief that planning should be done by community leaders, citizens, and stakeholders.

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The planning process for the Greer Community Master Plan includes numerous meetings and outreach events. These meetings are summarized on the Resources page.

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