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w w w . p l a n g r e e r . c o m Spartanburg The Partnership for Tomorrow PFT a community initiative for the future of Greer commissioned the Greer Community Master Plan as the next step toward fullling their mission of providing the City of Greer and surrounding areas with the resources necessary to address a variety of issues that will benet our community and make Greer a better place to live work and invest. Greenville Greer re 29 Greers location enviable transportation infrastructure and abundance of land have made it one of the fastest growing cities in South Carolina over the past decade. These same elements have positioned the city for continued growth. While growth breeds opportunity it also demands a purposeful plan for the futurea plan that emerges from a visioning process but yields an actionable strategy grounded in foreseeable economic realities. OUR OPPORTUNITY Greer is Growing Getting Younger Becoming Better Educated and More Afuent Growing and Diversifying its Economy Since 2000 the Greer area has grown at more than twice the pace of the larger region. The study area has seen an increase of 22000 people and this growth is going to continue. Within the next 15 years our community should be prepared to accommodate a population that exceeds 100000 2000 57000 people 79000 2015 people 100000 2030 people OUR VOICE Our community includes a variety of voices and a diversity of perspectives. The master planning process provided a forum for each of these voices to be heard and thoughtfully considered. An emphasis on listening and collecting opinions allowed the process to identify a set of community values that helped guide the development of the plan. Through a combination of conversations workshops and surveys more than 20000 individual data points were gathered ensuring that our communitys voice was heard. Several initiatives emerged during the process however it is clear that three main tenets will guide usour PHYSICAL space our ECONOMIC opportunity and our CULTURAL heritage. Promote downtown Promote healthy neighborhoods Enhance transportation choice Protect and promote the environment Grow the local economy Emphasize local entrepreneurship Leverage our regional assets Enhance things uniquely Greer Immerse the community in the arts Use our history to shape our future OUR INITIATIVES PHYSICAL ECONOMIC CULTURAL The preferred growth strategy was created from a process that considered four alternatives. The results of the analysis combined with feedback from the oversight committee led to the creation of a strategy that invests in downtown promotes walkable centers surrounded by cohesive communities and creates choices for how we move about the city. Three questions were asked when creating our plan for future growth. OUR STRATEGY Where should we grow What should we grow How should we grow The preferred growth strategy offers a diversity of housing choices enhanced connectivity and a thriving downtown. OUR FOCUS AREAS In July 2014 a technical team of community leaders reviewed the preferred growth strategy and public input to identify four areas for more detailed study. These locations included downtown and along the Wade Hampton SC 101 and SC 14 corridors. The focus areas were selected based on their current character high susceptibility to change and ability to accommodate future growth as the greater Greer area continues to evolve. Focus Areas Identify key sites and strategies critical to Greers continued growth and enhancement Develop principles to guide future land use and development decisions Dene key public improvements and initiatives to catalyze appropriate growth Downtown Wade Hampton Boulevard SC 101 SC 14 TRANSPORTATION Our community enjoys access to I-85 the South Carolina Inland Port and Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport. These features offer a strategic advantage to employers and the community. Over the past few decades we have seen an expansion of our roadway network. As we look to the future our focus shifts to improving mobility by creating choices. We will create opportunities for safe bicycling improve the walkability of our community and position ourselves to be transit ready. Its an approach that involves strategic transportation investments with an emphasis on quality design. Our roads connect our community. Our vision is to create a well-connected transportation network that offers structure to the preferred growth strategy support to our economic priorities and choice to the people who live work and play in our city. Our transportation strategy focused on enhancing Greers most important corridors. SC 101 North Gap Creek Road to Wade Hampton Boulevard SC 14 North Gap Creek Road to Wade Hampton Boulevard Wade Hampton Boulevard West Enoree River to SC 101 Wade Hampton Boulevard Central SC 101 to SC 14 N Main Street Wade Hampton Boulevard East SC 14 N Main Street to Gap Creek Road South Buncombe Wade Hampton Boulevard to SC 14 SC 101 South I-85 to Reidville Road SC 14 South Pennsylvania Avenue to I-85 ARTS AND CULTURE Enhance things uniquely Greer Immerse the community in the arts Use our history to shape our future The Arts District adjacent to downtown activates an almost forgotten space and contributes to Greers vibrancy. Highlighting what we are and what we value is part of what makes our community different. These distinctions contribute to our communitys character and the quality environment our residents enjoy. Promoting our arts and culture helps dene our communitys character which we proudly share with visitors and those that invest in Greer. For this reason we will continue to invest in ways that Greer Station and Arts District 1. N. Main Street Wade Hampton Boulevard Intersection Improvement 2. N. Main Street Improvements 3. Poinsett Street Improvements 4. Trade Street Enhancements 5. DowntownVictor Mill Loop Trail 6. South Line Street Improvements 1 2 4 3 5 6 Victoria and Randall Street Improvements PoinsettCannonDepot Street Intersection Improvements Cannon Street Improvements Pelham Street Enhancements New Roadway Connection through Greer Arts District 7 8 9 10 11 PARKS AND OPEN SPACE Promote healthy communities through active lifestyles Create premier facilities that attract families millennials retirees and new businesses Give people a reason to stay Allow parks open space and trails to become the connective fabric between important places Our communitys desire to live an active lifestyle is reinforced through the provision of quality spaces to gather recreate and enjoy the outdoors. We know that future investors and residents will be attracted by more than our geography. They will be inuenced by our people as well as the natural and built environment. The Greer Community Master Plan embraces an interconnected system of parks open space trails and recreation facilities. For this reason we will continue to invest in ways that CALL TO ACTION Our community has a history of charting its future through collaboration and hard work. Continued success will be achieved not through the leadership of a specic group or individual but through partnerships. While recognizing the success of existing partnerships we acknowledge new partnerships will play an important role in achieving the aspirations of our community. Working together we can attract quality growth enhance what is uniquely Greer and promote connections to our region. The master plan organizes an actionable strategy around seven key themes Promoting a preferred growth strategy through policy Promoting a preferred growth strategy through partnerships Expanding the traditional downtown Enhancing gateways and waynding Promoting the arts culture and history Promoting mobility Connecting the community with recreation and trails Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. -Henry Ford Thank you to the Partnership for Tomorrow Board of Directors the PFT contributors and the Mayor and City Council of the City of Greer for their generous nancial support of this project. PARTNERSHIP FOR TOMORROW CITY OF GREER w w w . p l a n g r e e r . c o m