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ARTS AND CULTURE Enhance things uniquely Greer Immerse the community in the arts Use our history to shape our future The Arts District adjacent to downtown activates an almost forgotten space and contributes to Greers vibrancy. Highlighting what we are and what we value is part of what makes our community different. These distinctions contribute to our communitys character and the quality environment our residents enjoy. Promoting our arts and culture helps dene our communitys character which we proudly share with visitors and those that invest in Greer. For this reason we will continue to invest in ways that Greer Station and Arts District 1. N. Main Street Wade Hampton Boulevard Intersection Improvement 2. N. Main Street Improvements 3. Poinsett Street Improvements 4. Trade Street Enhancements 5. DowntownVictor Mill Loop Trail 6. South Line Street Improvements 1 2 4 3 5 6 Victoria and Randall Street Improvements PoinsettCannonDepot Street Intersection Improvements Cannon Street Improvements Pelham Street Enhancements New Roadway Connection through Greer Arts District 7 8 9 10 11