Summary Brochure

This document provides a snapshot of the Greer Community Master Plan and how the community’s voice help shape the vision for Greer’s future.

Final Report

The final report offers detailed insights into the process and outcomes of the plan. Starting with the Community Initiatives, it tells the story of how a preferred growth strategy was created to inform the development of detailed focus areas and framework plans for transportation, parks and open space, and arts and culture. The report concludes with an action plan organized around seven themes.

Learn about the history of the Partnership for Tomorrow, the success of the 1999 master plan, and how the Greer Community Master Plan has outlined the next steps to make our community an even better place to live, work, and invest.

Community Assessment

The Community Assessment provides an overview of the planning process and describes the community input that set the stage for the evaluation of future growth alternatives for Greer. The document concludes with a set of Community Initiatives that guides the development of the plan. It represents initial insights into community needs and desires ahead of more detailed analysis in subsequent phases of the planning process.


Oversight Committee Meeting – January 22, 2014

The Project Oversight Committee includes the Partnership for Tomorrow and other stakeholders. The committee formed to weigh in at major milestones, refine concepts, and confirm direction toward final recommendations. At the first meeting, the project team provided an overview of the plan and discussed issues and opportunities.

  • Presentation
  • Theme Committee Work Sessions – May 7, 2014

    During these work session, more than 40 stakeholders tackled issues specific to Economic Development; Transportation and Mobility; Culture, Art, and Historic Resources; Parks and Open Space; and the Central Business District. The activities helped define the importance of each element and its influence on community vitality. External influences beyond the control of Greer also were identified.

    • Presentation
    • Community Workshop One – June 12, 2014

      The first community workshop at the Cannon Centre allowed citizen planners to weigh in on the plan’s vision and identify where and how growth should occur through 2030. Approximately 70 residents, business owners, and stakeholder participated in the interactive workshop.

      PFT Work Session – July 15, 2014

      This work session provided an update of progress to date and focused on the selection of the concept areas and strategic corridors. Attendees also offered feedback on the selection of the alternative growth scenarios.

      Oversight Committee Meeting – September 23, 2014

      This interactive meeting focused on the results of the scenario analysis. The four alternatives were presented, with results communicated using a report card based on the Community Initiatives. The committee selected the Multiple Centers alternative as the basis for the creation of the preferred growth strategy.

      Design Workshop – October 21, 2014

      A design studio was set up in the Cannon Centre where concepts for important locations in Greer (Downtown, Wade Hampton at Buncombe, SC 14 near I-85, and SC 101 near I-85) were explored. The community was encouraged to stop to view exhibits and provide direction.

      Community Workshop Two – November 18, 2014

      The second workshop was an interactive open house in which attendees visited a variety of stations to offer in put on the concept plans, strategic corridors, and parks and open space framework.

      Oversight Committee Meeting – January 27, 2015

      At this meeting, the Oversight Committee received a recap of the November 2014 workshop. They then reviewed the draft concept designs, transportation framework, and arts and culture strategies.

      Oversight Committee Meeting – March 17, 2015

      The focus of this meeting was to review a strategy board that outlined a set of short-, mid-, and long-term actions to fulfill the vision of the Greer Community Master Plan.

      Invitation Open House – April 23, 2015

      Participants in the creation of the Greer Community Master Plan were invited to attend this meeting for a sneak preview of the full plan.

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About the process

The Partnership for Tomorrow was formed in 1998 by a concerned group of business, civic, government and community leaders to address the issues and concerns related to the growth of the Greater Greer community and the opportunities it would bring to the area.

Engage in the process

The planning philosophy for the Greer Community Master Plan is based on the belief that planning should be done by community leaders, citizens, and stakeholders.

See resources

The planning process for the Greer Community Master Plan will result in a host of maps, exhibits, data, and summary documents.